Age: 1 Gender: Male Hearing: None Vision: Limited

Thanks for visiting with me. Gosh, I'm nearly a year old now! I've learned so many new things since I came to sheltie rescue. I've learned to sit and to go running on the beach with my foster mom. I've learned that sometimes my fur foster brother wants to rest and I can't play with him all day. So, I've learned patience! I'm just an all around nice guy! :-) I get along with everyone except those furry kitties (oh how I like to chase them!). Having me live with you will be an extremely rewarding experience. Are you intersted in tracking? I am. And I got a fantastic nose for it (see god didn't give me everything but he gave me a wonderful sense of smell!). I still have some puppy behaviors, so we'll need to work on that a little bit, but as I get it older those things will subside. I'm really good in the house and won't make messes (except with the toys, I like toys). I will be a loyal friend to you forever. Will you be my friend?

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