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Sparky 1

Sparky 1 was adopted by Karen Stallings of Durham, NC.

Karen writes:

On September 3rd, Sparky joined the Stallings family. His arrival was wonderfully exciting. We had met him just the day before at the home of Harry, Peggy and Carrie Truitt, his foster family. We knew he was our perfect match right from the start!

Sarah, 11, and Emily ,9, had been waiting "our whole lives" for a dog. Frank and I wanted to wait until they were old enough to participate in the care that a pet requires. We thought the time was right last spring and spent months considering what breed would be best and where to find our family dog. Shelties and Triangle Sheltie Rescue were our answers. I placed an adoption application with TSR in the summer and we had our home visit. Initially we thought we wanted a puppy or a very young dog, but we began to appreciate the advantages of a somewhat older dog.

Sparky, four years old, has been part of our family for just three weeks, but it seems like he has been with us forever. He is so loyal, happy, affectionate and friendly. He loves to play ball and frisbee and is passionate about riding in the car. He is a celebrity at the school bus stop where he has about a dozen adoring fans. He loves trips to Duke Gardens and walks around the neighborhood. He is helping us get in better shape since we all walk (or run!) him and play with him in the back yard. He’s just easy to be with and full of love. We all agree that he was worth the wait.

We have another pet, Budgie, a four-year-old parakeet. Even Budgie seems happier these days, singing and talking more. She likes Sparky’s company, but prefers it from a distance and from the inside of her cage.

We are very grateful to TSR, especially to Sherri, Moreen, Lisa and the Harry and Peggy Trutts for helping Sparky find his way to us.

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